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Repeat waitlist applicants

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Thank you for your interest in our summer family camp program! If you applied for the summer 2022 season, you will maintain your current waitlist status until applications reopen in November 2022 for summer 2023. 

In mid-November, repeat waitlist applicants will receive a “returning applicant” form and a letter from the reservations department with their consecutive years of application and flexibility credits. Applicants should return this form promptly, as a timely response will impact status in the 2023 waitlist lottery.* The deadline for repeat waitlist applicants to complete and submit their “returning applicant” form is Tuesday, January, 3, 2023. If you did not receive a form or letter, please email us.

If you are unsure of your current waitlist status, please reach out the reservations office for clarification. We want to acknowledge and thank everyone that applied in a flexible manner.

Questions about your waitlist status?

For questions about your waitlist status, or if you have not received your “returning applicant” form, please contact us.