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A group of kids and adults waving from a dock on a lake


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Summer 2023 calendar

Week number Dates
Week 1 (Reserved for conferences)
Week 2 June 17–June 24
Week 3 June 24–July 1
Week 4 July 1–July 8
Week 5 July 8–July 15
Week 6 July 15–July 22
Week 7 July 22–July 29
Week 8 July 29–August 5
Week 9 August 5 –August 12
Week 10 August 12–August 19
Week 11 August 19–August 26
Week 12 August 26–September 2
Week 13 (Microbopper Week)* September 2–9

*Got kids under 6? During Microbopper Week, a special summer program, take a much-needed break while your kids from 9 months through 6 years participate in daily, age-appropriate programs. Your little ones will be in the capable hands of our Stanford student staffers for this special week so that you’re free to nap, kayak, read or simply decompress. Tip: Fewer families apply for this week, so you could be at Camp in a snap!